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Business and Financial Services


Business Financial Consultancy

For farm businesses large or small P&L provide a wide range of management services including:

  • Financial Planning and Strategic Consultancy
  • Focussing on improved profitability and cashflow
  • Preparation of cashflow forecast and budgets
  • Business plan preparation for Bank Managers
  • Account analysis to highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis focussing on Cost Of Production with solutions
  • Performance bench-marking and comparative analysis
  • Farm purchase budgets and plans
  • Rent tender application and plans

  • Good financial planning and decision making allows you to make good business decisions, leading to improved profitability, better cashflow and good return on capital.

    Group Buying Benefits

    Many farmers are part of our buying group offering livestock fees at group purchase prices while ensuring strict quality control.

    Buying group members get the benefits of low prices while P&L administer the negotiations and tender process.


    Business Services

    We specialise in all aspects of agri-business from legal requirement to building development projects.

  • Basic payment scheme application
  • Cross compliance consultancy to safeguard your basic payment
  • NVZ - all aspects of compliance from field records to storage
  • Grant application and preparation
  • Farm book-keeping and accounts services
  • Staff recruitment
  • Customised farm maps and field plans

  • Basic Payment Scheme and Regulation

    Since the introduction of the IACS system, P&L consultants have worked with farmers and landowners to claim their SFP now BP.

    Working through a myriad of regulation, paper work and form filling we have helped our clients get their payments and meet the requirements for cross– compliance in England and Wales.


    We specialise in all aspects of agri-business. From legal requirement to development projects, financial planning, cash-flows and commercial analysis.


    Our Experience runs from very efficiently run, high yielding herds to low input grazing nutrition and getting the best from your home grown resources.


    We can take care of building projects large or small, from the straight forward to specialised technical projects. We provide full project management and an on-farm design service.

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    Services at a glance

    Farm Business Management: Business Planning and Future Strategy, Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting, Bench-Marking & Performance Analysis, Interpreting your Annual Accounts, Planning for maximum profit, Planning to achieve your own objectives, Focus on Strengths & Weaknesses, Labour & Operational Strategies, Group Buying Benefits, Bookkeeping, tax advice and accounting, VAT and payroll management, Secretarial services and staff.

    Technical Consultancy: Dairy Beef & Sheep Ration Formulation & Advice, Performance Review & Analysis, Crop & Forage Planning for Optimum Performance & profit – Field by Field Grass yield assessments with plate meter survey and analysis for optimum forage performance, Fertiliser, Nutrient and Crop Planning Services - can also provide Forage Analysis & Soil testing.

    Animal Health: Solutions for Fertility, Lameness and Foot Problems, Mastitis Consultancy including parlour testing, Building design – Ventilation Solutions.

    Building & Waste Management Services: Consultancy Service focusing on all farm buildings including - cubicle design and layout, milking parlours, silage and manure storage structures -(Existing and /or greenfield sites) Includes CAD drawings & Plans, Planning application requirements for successful outcomes, Project budgets and tenders, Advice and compliance to satisfy Environment Agency & NRW ( Wales), Solutions to Environmental Issues, NVZ and Cross Compliance, Understanding legal requirement and the latest legislation, Lagoon soils test for environment agency compliance, Customised farm maps and field plans.

    Diversification: Talk to us about how you can make your Agribusiness more profitable through diversification.

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