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Professional Consulting

for Farmers & Agribusiness

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Organic Farming

P&L have many years' experience helping organic farmers optimise their results.

We can assist with:


  • Organic conversion and registration

  • Organic rules and regulations

  • Optimising a profitable organic farming system to meet growing markets

Dairy Consultancy

P&L are specialists in Dairy Consultancy services. We will help you work smarter, delivering increased profitability by optimising cow performance.


  • Herd fertility, mastitis management and herd health

  • Forage management and soil testing

  • Optimising grazing and grass walking

  • Fertilizer and nutrient planning

  • Cost Of Production and output analysis

  • Building design and herd environment






“Healthy cows lead to healthy profits” bases the formulations for our diets at any level.


Our Experience runs from efficiently run, high yielding herds, to low input grazing nutrition, getting the best from your home-grown resources.


  • Feeding for fertility

  • Dry cow and transition management

  • Peak yield management

  • Improving milk quality

  • Efficient forage utilisation

  • Making the most of your farm’s resources

  • Forage and soil management

  • Grazing systems suited to maximum use on farm

P&L believe these areas are just as important as any other and often overlooked by other consultants.


We can help you with all aspects of rearing and focus on:


  • Efficient feeding and nutrition whatever your system

  • Forage and grazing management  

  • Calf rearing

  • Ewe and Lamb management

  • Targeting growth rates and food conversion efficiency for maximum profitability.

  • Evaluating the best systems to suit you and your farm

Heifer Rearing Beef & Sheep