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Planning Applications

A large part of P&L design services is getting planning approval. We have over 20 years experience of submitting 100% successful applications for a wide range of projects.


We will look at ways of minimising planning fees and will liaise as required with regulatory bodies.


We can also assist with Ecology Surveys, Heritage Assessments and other specialist reports as required. P&L also prepare justification and assessment reports for house applications.

P&L specialises in design for all dairy and livestock farms including milking parlours and handling, cow and livestock housing, silage and storage buildings, slurry storage and waste management systems.


Excellent building design will make you money, keep your animals in welfare-friendly environments and keep your staff happy.


Good design focuses on making your farm work as efficiently as possible allowing optimum outputs and reduced costs.


Services include:


  • On farm appraisal of building options

  • Preparation of scaled CAD drawings, often on farm

  • Meeting Regulatory requirements

  • Project Budgeting  

  • Preparation of building specifications, ideal for tenders and quotes

  • Project Management, working with clients at different input levels to assist in completing a project large or small, on time and on budget


We will make sure you meet all requirements regarding NVZ and slurry control regulations and liaise with the Environment Agency as required.


We organise soil testing for slurry lagoons, take levels and survey as required.

Farm Buildings and Waste Management