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Advice and support articles are available here to provide a knowledge-base of information. Practical advice, reports and details of legislative compliance is available from this menu. If you have a specific questions please contact us directly with the detail.

Working inside your

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Are you up to speed on SSAFO regs?
Managing your accounts
Spring Grassland Management
Know your way around the NVZ rules
Beyond Static Parlour Testing
DEFRA's 4 Point Plan Explained
Improving Bactoscans - going back to basics
Controlling heifer growth
Better use of grazing How can you make the most of your winter

Information and articles from P&L

Most of our services on offer are better discussed face to face. If you would however like to peruse some of our service material at your leisure, please feel free to download a PDF brochure from the listings below.

P&L Who we are, what we do
Farm Business Services
Farm Building Services
Advice for a Successful Future
Do you know P&L provide much more than consultancy?
Growth centers on traditional Farming strengths
Mastitis Control and Milking Parlour Testing
Guidance on Building Plans
Addressing Soil Quality pdf-download-icon

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